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Criminal Law

Criminal Law Calleja Legal Malta

A criminal wrong is associated with a public wrong since it refers to offences committed against the State or the community.   There are two conditions to be fulfilled before criminal responsibility can arise. These are the material and the formal conditions of liability. The material condition is the actus reus and the formal condition is the mens rea.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML / CTF)

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The crime of money laundering could be described in broad terms as being the process through which the financial earning of criminal activity is concealed and is integrated into the economy, appearing to be deriving from legitimate sources.

Commercial / Business and Company Law


Company Law

Property Law


Property Law

Public Procurement

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We assist clients both at pre-tendering stage with the preparation of tender documents as well at post-tendering stage with the provision of remedies in case they feel aggrieved by an award decision.

Civil Matters, Litigation and Arbitration


Civil Litigation and Arbitration 

Family Law


Divorce, Separation and Annulments


Personal Injury and Action for Damages


Besides advising you on how best to proceed if you suffer any form of damages, we can assist you in filing and bringing forward the necessary judicial proceedings.

Debt Collection


Contract Law


Employment Law